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Encircling Mexico
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Mexiquense Beltway

Concessionaire: Concesionaria Mexiquense, S.A de C.V

Mexiquense Beltway, 155 km in length, is the northeastern section of the Mexico City ring road.

The toll road has connections to the Mexico-Queretaro, Mexico-Pachuca, Penon-Texcoco, and Mexico-Puebla highways and ends at the border with the State of Morelos. The route connects the most densely populated area of the country where 46% of foreign investors in Mexico are located.

At the end of 2012, average daily traffic achieved 270,000 vehicles, which represents an increase of 25 % from the previous year.

Mexiquense Beltway Map

General Information

Investment1,440 Million €
Lenght155 km
Average annual traffic*269,523 veh/day
ClientMexico State Government
% OHL Group64 %
Concession Period49 years

*(Equivalent vehicles)

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