Creating value under sustainable conditions

OHL Concesiones is committed to a business model that is characterized by the creation of value over time, the establishment of an ethical and transparent relationship with all its stakeholders and a firm commitment to contribute to the integral development of the communities in which operates.

Corporate social responsibility is part of this management model and aims to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the regions where the company operates, incorporating specific plans and programs as part of the business plan.

The commitment of OHL Concessions to sustainable development is reflected in specific initiatives that are planned under the Code of Conduct of Grupo OHL, S.A., the Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan and international commitments.

OHL Concessions establishes three-year plans calling for specific actions and programs geared to the particular characteristics of the business line and the needs expressed by its stakeholders, establishing, with all of them, an ethical and transparent relationship.

The development of the three-year plans aims to strengthen the integrating nature of roadways, and, to this end, we implement projects that contribute to social cohesion and development and to improve the quality of life in the affected regions, all within a framework of respect for the environment.

The long-term nature of the company's business allows it to maintain a firm commitment to future-oriented initiatives, strengthening active collaboration with government and strategic partners that enhance and help ensure the proper execution of the programs.