Express declaration of values, principles and standards of conduct

OHL Concesiones Code of Ethics OHL Concesiones Code of Ethics

OHL Concesiones takes compliance with applicable laws and our Code of Ethics seriously.  This Code of Ethics is a guiding document for OHL Concesiones’ CEO, who represents a large international group with a diversity of people and scenarios that is intrinsic to OHL Concesiones’ identity and value.

In addition to the collective application of the corporate culture among all employees, the Code of Ethics aims to share the values ​​and commitments that make up that culture with the rest of the stakeholders, to prevent any unlawful conduct and to establish mechanisms for the monitoring and control needed to achieve compliance with OHL Concesiones’ high ethical standards and applicable law.

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You can download Code of Ethics in PDF format

The Code of Ethics is also available in portuguese in the channel Code of Ethics and Policy