We promote professional and personal development

Aware that the company's employees are key assets for the success of the company, the OHL Concesiones and its subsidiaries promote the professional and personal development of their employees. To this end, the OHL Concesiones enacts and constantly updates the policies and tools needed to adapt internal promotion to the expectations of employees, supporting and encouraging lifelong learning, and establishing an optimal environment to ensure employee satisfaction and safety in the workplace.

Workforce profile
Degree holdersNumber%
Executives and advanced degree holders 482 20.4
Diploma holders 489 20.7
Technicians without degrees 592 25.0
Administrative staff 103 4.4
Operators 701 29.6
Total 2,367 100.0
(*) At the close of 2015  

Geographical distribution

Geographical distribution

Geographical distribution by type of contract and sex

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