A-2 Highway, Section 1

  • Client: Ministry of Public Works
  • Contract term:
    Dec.2007 - Dec.2026

Concession company: Autovía de Aragón Tramo 1, S.A.

Description of the concession

The first 56 km of the A-2 highway, Madrid-Barcelona, running between Madrid and the city of Guadalajara (at its intersection with the R2 radial highway) comprise the section under concession in the framework of the First-Generation Highway Upgrading Plan of the Ministry of Development. 

The infrastructure is operated under the shadow toll system and the rate is established on the basis of indicators tied to the condition of the road and the quality of the service offered. In 2017, traffic performed well with an increase of 3.0%.

Benefits for society

Section 1 of the A-2 Highway is part of an important road corridor connecting the capital city of Madrid to the northeast region of Spain. The integration of major urban and industrial areas within the Henares Corridor in the Community of Madrid and the decongesting of the traffic entering and leaving the capital city stand out in the area of influence of the infrastructure.

The construction work for widening and upgrading the highway performed by the concession company has enabled a significant reduction in both the traffic fatality accident rate. Likewise, the improvement in the capacity of the infrastructure made it possible to reduce travel times and increase the average speed at peak hours by 10%.

Infrastructure location