Amozoc-Perote Toll Road

  • Client: Secretariat of Communications and Transport
  • Contract term:
    Nov.2003 - Nov.2063

Concession company: Grupo Autopistas Nacionales, S.A.

Description of the concession

The Amozoc-Perote Toll Road, with 123 km of trunk road, is part of the Altiplano Road Corridor and incorporates into its layout 104.9 km of highway between Amozoc, Puebla, Perote, and Veracruz, and 17.6 km pertaining to the Perote Bypass.

In 2017 traffic increased by 5.5%.

Benefits for society

The Amozoc-Perote Toll Road is an alternative route that connects the capital and the central region of the country to the Port of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico, a point of departure and arrival of goods in the trade with Europe and a strategic port in the development of corridors for the maritime trade with North America.

Infrastructure location