Mexiquense Beltway

  • Client: Government of the State of Mexico
  • Contract term:
    Feb.2003 - Dec.2051

Concession company: Concesionaria Mexiquense, S.A. de C.V.

Description of the concession

The 155- km-long Mexiquense Beltway bypasses the metropolitan area of Mexico City from north to south along the east and from east to west on its far north end. The project is structured in four phases, and Phases I, II and III, currently in operation, total 110 km.

The toll road runs through 18 cities and towns in the State of Mexico and links with the Mexico-Querétaro, Mexico-Pachuca, Peñón-Texcoco and Mexico-Puebla radial highways and will finalize once Phase IV has been built on the border with the State of Morelos.

Benefits for society

The layout of the toll road connects the most densely populated area of the country, with more than 15 million inhabitants, to the main radial highways of the country, improves vehicle traffic in the State of Mexico and offers an alternative of fast, safe and efficient mobility for long-distance travel in the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico.

The construction process was successful in meeting the engineering challenges derived from the characteristics of the lacustrine subsoil with a high degree of differential regional sinking.

Infrastructure location