Nogales-Puchuncaví Toll Road

  • Client: Ministry of Public Works
  • Contract term:
    Aug.2016 - Aug.2054

Concession company: Nuevo Camino Nogales-Puchuncaví S.A.

Description of the concession

Chile’s Ministry of Public Works has awarded to OHL Concesiones the retendering process for Camino Nogales-Puchuncaví to extend the infrastructure and improve technical standards and service levels in the existing road.

The new concession, 43 km long, include works to improve the current 27 km road in both directions as well as construction of another 16 km for the Puchuncaví Bypass and Variante Ventanas, thereby reducing traveling times and increasing road safety.

Benefits for society

Camino Nogales-Puchuncaví is one of the founding infrastructures of Chile’s concessions system. As a result of growth registered in the region and development of the Ventanas industrial area, consequently increasing traffic amongst heavy vehicles, the road needed to be updated in order to respond to growing traffic demands, to decongest local traffic flow and to guarantee road safety for drivers.

Infrastructure location