Northern Toll Road

  • Client: Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Contract term:
    Feb.2009 - Feb.2042

Concession company: Autopista del Norte, S.A.C.

Description of the concession

The 396-km-long Northern Toll Road connects the cities of Pativilca and Trujillo and is a part of the Pan American Highway North, a major road link running along the Peruvian coast. The main investments to be made include the construction of approximately 284 km of a second roadway and three bypasses in the cities of Huarmey, Casma and Virú-Chao.

Benefits for society

The Northern Toll Road is an important corridor in the region with the most intense commercial activity in the country and where 39% of the total population lives. The area of influence of the infrastructure encompasses part of the departments of Lima and La Libertad and the entire department of Ancash, improving regional connectivity with the ports of Paramonga, Chimbote and Trujillo.

The transformation of the Northern Toll Road will reduce the travel time between Lima and Trujillo to 6 hours in comparison to the more than 9 hours of travel at the present time, offering optimum conditions of safety and contributing to the development of tourism in the area.

Infrastructure location