Port of Alicante

  • Client: Alicante Port Authority
  • Contract term:
    Jun.2003 - Jul.2047

Concession company: Terminales Marítimas del Sureste, S.A.

Description of the concession

Terminales Marítimas del Sureste ( TMS) carried out the South Extension of the Port of Alicante, a mixed public and private project in which the concession company, in addition to financing and building the docks, performs the specific port owner functions and the commercial operation of the multi-purpose terminals, for grain and passengers, with a 1,670 m berthing line and a draft of 14 meters. 

In 2017 increase by 18.3% the number of TEU movements.

Benefits for society

The strategic location of the terminals places them in a unique position for the development of trade in the Mediterranean and with the countries of North Africa.

TMS links with the network of national and regional highways, is located close to Alicante’s “El Altet” international airport and has a railway infrastructure of its own with a 450-m-long cargo platform that is joined to the multi-purpose terminal and provides service to the entire port.

Infrastructure location