Port of Valparaiso

  • Client: Empresa Puerto Valparaíso
  • Contract term:
    Jul.2013 - Dec.2043

Concession company: Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso, S.A.

Description of the concession

Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso is the company awarded the contract for the construction and operation of the Terminal 2 project for the Port of Valparaíso. With a berthing line of 785 m (container terminal) and 613 m (general cargo) and a 16-m draft, it will have the capacity for operating two Super-Post Panamax ships simultaneously and for an approximate annual traffic of 1,150,000 TEU movements and 1,800,000 tons of general cargo.

Benefits for society

The new container terminal, scheduled for commissioning in 2017, is designed in order to double the current capacity of the port, adding value, solvency and competitiveness to the future projection of growth in the sector for Chile and South America.

The expansion to be developed by the Terminal 2 enlargement project will make it possible to meet the country’s maritime traffic needs for the next 15 years. It has a connection to Route 68, which integrates the Vth Region of Valparaíso with the Metropolitan Region.

Infrastructure location