Western Urban Toll Road

  • Client: Government of the Federal District
  • Contract term:
    Apr.2010 - Jun.2043

Concession company: Controladora Vía Rápida Poetas, S.A.P.I. de C.V.

Description of the concession

The 7- km-long Northern Urban Toll Road comprises the northern section of Mexico City’s urban toll expressway that connects the highways to Querétaro, Toluca and Cuernavaca. On its far north end, the infrastructure, which is 100% equipped with an electronic toll collecting system, integrates the connection of the second levels of the Anillo Periférico where it intersects with the Bicentennial Elevated Viaduct.

In 2017 traffic increased 5.5%.

Benefits for society

The toll road offers a solution to the connectivity problems between the south and west areas of Mexico City, one of the most congested in the Federal District , providing up to 70% of travel time savings to light vehicles and new public transport express routes.

The set of tunnels , interchanges and bridges that make up this urban toll road were designed to preserve the natural protected areas and environmental assets ​​of La Loma and Río Becerra, and communicate important residential, commercial and business areas west of the metropolitan area.

Infrastructure location