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Key figures in OHL Concesiones

Main business figures in millions of euros (1)
Business figures2016% about revenues2015
% about revenues% 16/15
Operating income (2) 1,190.0 100.0 1,190.0 100.0 -0.6
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) 819.8 69.8 819.8 65.8 -2.5
Net operating profit (EBIT) 775.0 65.1 775.0 56.7 -6.1
Long-term backlog 57,509.8 - 57,509.8 - 31.2

(1) Figures taken from the consolidated financial statements of the OHL Concesiones Group

(2) Includes income from concession and construction activity, adjustment for guaranteed returns under concession agreements and other operating revenues

Operating income and Gross operating profit – EBITDA (millions of eruros)


(1) It includes income derived from concession and construction activities, adjustment for guaranteed return under the concession contracts and other operating income.

Long-term backlog*: 75,449.4 (millions of euros)                              Managed investment*: 5,710 (millions of euros)


* In accordance with the consolidation criterion of the subsidiaries.