OHL Concesiones was incorporated in November of the year 2000

At that time its assets was mainly parking facilities, marinas and commercial ports and the stakes in toll road projects, only one of which projects was already in the operating phase.

The situation is quite different at the present time, as the company has become consolidated as a strategic player in the public private partnership project sector, with demonstrated capacities for developing new concessions, well-consolidated experience and the development of in-house technology for operation and maintenance, in addition to an outstanding capability for materializing the value generated both in the capital market as well as through the direct sale and swap of assets.

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In this initial phase, OHL Concesiones defined as the core elements of its growth strategy the development of its business in the transportation infrastructure sector as its exclusive sphere of action, growth through the purchase of projects already in operation and the acquisition of new contracts and majority stakes ensuring control over its main assets.