01 June 2017

2017-2020 Strategic Plan

OHL Concesiones: maintaining and strengthening a business model of proven success

A total or partial rotation of mature assets, sharing fund contributions with new greenfield projects; the use of more advanced technologies in concessions, such as those developed by TTS and Televía; a cautious approach to financing, preferably with own cash flow in local currency, and an internal rate of return of 25% in asset rotation, with a minimum 15% return in new projects, all under the umbrella of a highly qualified team at all stages of the business cycle, are the basic principles underlying the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan in the section assigned to OHL Concesiones.

The Plan also stresses that the Latin American continent will continue to be the main business focus for Concesiones, with Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia at the lead, although it places all other countries in the area at the study stage and considers a medium-term entry into the USA. At present, the Division has a young portfolio that includes 18 concessions with a remaining average life of 29 years.
A large part of these assets are already mature and eligible for rotation. The current project portfolio in Mexico includes 7 projects under operation and 1 under construction, reaching record traffic and EBITDA figures in 2016. In Chile, Peru and Colombia, most assets consist of greenfield concessions, with five projects at a pre-construction stage and one under operation.

OHL Concesiones is one of the world’s largest infrastructure project developers, leading its sector in the metropolitan area of Mexico; it ranks 11 worldwide in terms of concessions by invested capital and 12 by number of projects.

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