13 September 2017

This is the first time that ships more than 300 meters long are moored in Tenerife

The start of transfer operations marks a new milestones in Terminal de Contenedores de Tenerife (TCTenerife)

  • Transfer operations mark the start of a new stage, with huge potential for growth, in the inner harbor of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife port
  • Consolidation of the terminal is strengthened, as a reference logistics platform in the Atlantic
  •  The downloaded containers will continue their journey to various ports in Africa, the Mediterranean, South America and Northern Europe

Last 5 and 11 September, Terminal de Contenedores de Tenerife began its container transfer operations upon arrival of the Maersk Guayaquil and Maersk Genoa ships. This milestone has triggered a huge change in the inner harbor of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife port which, for the first time, is welcoming ships of this size at the port and terminal of its concessionaire, TCTenerife.

TCTenerife, led by the Port Authority and backed up by the great effort made by the entire port community, has worked to attract transfer traffic, consolidating this opportunity for the port’s development.

On Monday 5th, the Maersk Guayaquil, weighing 10,100 TEU and 337 m long, moored at 1 a.m. at the TCTenerife port and completed a transaction involving 1,403 containers, involving 18 hours’ work, with net performance of 31 movements/hour. The downloaded containers are headed to various ports in Africa, the Mediterranean, South America and North Europe, through various services to be subsequently absorbed by the port, thus completing a transfer and distribution operation.

The transaction was successfully executed by all the port services, achieving competitive performance rates under the supervision of Maersk Line’s Operations Department; the client declared its satisfaction with the productivity of the port workers, the port’s technical resources and the terminal’s operating resources in particular.

A week later, on Monday 11th, the Maersk Genoa was welcomed, the earlier ship’s twin, with which 1,800 Mov. were successfully downloaded, reaching similar productivity levels to the first stop-over.

TCTenerife has sufficient installed capacity to handle both this new transfer service- which is expected to stabilize over the next few months- and services to the various shipyards that are currently operating with mainland Spain. Furthermore, these will certainly benefit from the better connectivity offered by this transfer activity.


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