28 May 2017

“Smart roads. Connected vehicles and C-ITS” at the XX Spanish Automotive Forum

The challenges of integrating physical and digital infrastructure

Today, technology, service and sustainability make up the cornerstones of our business profile. We are currently living a transformation process where an integration of physical and digital infrastructure will allow it to face future challenges; a scenario where integrated management systems (communication, automotive and transport) focus on improving mobility in large cities, optimizing inter-city transport models and developing responsible business solutions.

In this Mosaico number, by including a reference to the speech made by Ricardo Lobo, head of the RDI Service of OHL Concesiones, at the XX Spanish Automotive Forum, we are inaugurating an informative section in Mosaico OHL Concesiones in order for the publication to have a new tool with which to disseminate leading sector trends in technology, service and sustainable business solutions.

The speech, entitled “Smart roads. Connected vehicles and C-ITS”, explains the process undertaken by the concession group in order to adapt to change, as well as valuable lessons learnt from large-scale collaborative research projects led by OHL Concesiones; it ends by referring to new challenges and opportunities we are facing.

Field testing of smart collaborative transportation systems (C-ITS), conducted as part of the FOTsis project, has highlighted the importance of starting up plans along with the automotive industry, developing a consistent legal framework, and implementing an inter-operative communications architecture, allowing sector companies to establish the grounds of adequate and informed mobility management.

The integration of free flow technologies, dynamic tariffs, e-call, road devices for geolocation, platooning or independent driving, as well as adaptive toll roads that are able to adjust speed, signaling and lighting to traffic intensity and typology, will all help increase road capacity, providing greater safety and response capacity. For more information, the Connected Vehicles and C-ITS speech is available here.

The member companies of the concession Group are committed to and currently working in favor of physical and digital infrastructure integration to guarantee service excellence, improve management and offer sustainable mobility solutions with a future outlook. 

6_01062017_Integracion _Infraestructura

Integration of physical and digital infrastructure to face future challenges.


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