Development of the latest technologies in our infrastructures

Research, technological development and innovation, part of the commitment acquired by OHL Concesiones

OHL Concesiones applies the latest technologies in its infrastructures in order to guarantee maximum levels of safety, quality and comfort for its road users, in a satisfactory cost/benefit framework.

The efforts in R&D are concentrated on the improvement of the management systems of the concessions in operation, as well as on offering the users of its infrastructures a maximum level of safety and comfort with a minimal impact on the environment.

The programs undertaken by the company are developed essentially on the basis of the following priority lines of research:

  • Study for the improvement of construction and maintenance processes, new intelligent transportation systems (ITS), interaction with the environment and energy optimization
  • The development of cooperative services between infrastructure and vehicle in order to improve safety and the management of the mobility on highways
  • The development of a range of tools which, in an advanced technological scenario, would unify best practices in management and provide innovative services to customers for the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. As an outcome of these investigations, OHL Concesiones has the in-house management systems necessary for the operation and maintenance of its infrastructures
  • The fostering of initiatives for optimizing the interaction of the infrastructures managed with their immediate environment, thereby minimizing environmental impact