Pavement monitoring systems in real time

The strategic importance of the maintenance of highway pavements during the operating stage has led to the investigation of new paving technologies and the development of unified models for investments and the monitoring of pavement condition surveys.

The line of research, methods and instruments for dynamic pavement management, initiated in the OASIS project, has equipped OHL Concesiones with the technology necessary for developing pavement monitoring systems in real time.

The information on the structural capacity of the pavement is obtained by means of sensors embedded in the various layers of asphalt; and the detection and classification of cracks is obtained by means of the installation of computer vision equipment in the vehicles used for the routine inspection of the roads.

The performance and response of the infrastructures in the event of seismic movements are studied through theoretical calculation models, for the purpose of obtaining a theoretical model calibrated with real measurements that can be extrapolated to different scenarios.

Among the initiatives undertaken in a number of countries, the following stand out particularly: the initiatives by the Center for Technological Development in Brazil, the pavement recycling in the construction work for the new access to the Port of San Antonio in Chile, the research carried out in the framework of the OASIS project and the application of a computer tool for the expert management of pavements  (Gefirex) in the company’s subsidiaries, to ensure proper technical and economic management.