Energy efficiency and the interaction of the toll road with its immediate environment

Care for the environment has been a constant concern throughout the history of OHL Concesiones, which has carried out several projects that can be grouped together along two strategic lines: energy efficiency and the interaction of its toll roads with their immediate environment.

The following stand out in the field of energy efficiency: the studies carried out in order to increase the amount of materials recycled in paving operations, the generation of wind energy on roadsides or the study of new outside lighting systems undertaken in OASIS.

Significant among the initiatives carried out for improving the interaction of the infrastructures and reducing their environmental impact are the studies on the revegetation of embankments and areas adjacent to the infrastructures made in the framework of OASIS, or on the definition of solutions for the opposite problem, posed by the management of excessive plant growth endangering the safety of the roads in Brazil. Similarly, other studies and investigations are concerned with the preservation of the fauna, such as the design of wildlife crossings.