Technologies for mobility and safety

Broad fields of research for improving the safety of road users.

One of the basic principles guiding OHL Concesiones is the safety of its infrastructure users. With the aim of improving the safety and the mobility of drivers, OHL Concesiones participates in, develops and leads the OASIS, FOTsis, Smartsit and P4ITS projects.

The Operation of Safe Intelligent and Sustainable Highways OASIS, a major research project, led and coordinated by OHL Concesiones, has sought to define the highway of the future, that is, a highway with considerably improved levels of safety, user service and sustainability.

FOTsis, European Field Operational Test on Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Road Operation, is a major project under the European Union’s seventh framework program (FP7), the final objective of which is to drive the development of cooperative services between infrastructure and vehicle in order to improve safety and the management of mobility on highways.

Another project being developed at OHL Concesiones is SMARTSIT, whose objective is the characterization of the traffic and improvement of mobility through the use of Magnetoresistive Sensors for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

In this context, the latest initiative being undertaken at OHL Concesiones is P4ITS whose main objective is to establish the terms of public procurement of innovation (PPI) for cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS).