Establishing the terms of public procurement of innovation for C-ITS

Logotipo del proyecto P4ITS P4ITS - Public procurement of innovation FOR cooperative ITS

In late 2013, OHL Concesiones began participating in the European P4ITS (“Public procurement of innovation FOR cooperative ITS”) project, as part of the themed network used to establish the terms of public procurement of innovation (PPI) for C-ITS.

This two and a half year project is expected to make a contribution to the surroundings that are undertaking and stimulating the launching on the market, through public procurement, of cooperative intelligent transport systems for innovation.

The themed network is specifically aimed at the following:

  • To construct a European themed network dedicated to the PPI for C-ITS
  • To provide a setting for mutual learning and the exchange of knowledge amongst various European countries
  • To generate awareness of PPI for C-ITS
  • To propose recommendations related to PPI for C-ITS in Europe

The project, coordinated by ERTICO-ITS Europe, currently involves 17 entities from 10 countries all over Europe, including representatives of national or federal administrations, regional authorities, cities, research centers and road operators. 

Download the project’s informative leaflet

For more information,visit the P4ITS website